Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Suse on wireless

Just installed my Airlink wireless card on Suse. I used ndiswrapper and the WinXP drivers that came on the CD.
I could ping the wireless card, iwconfig showed the access point etc, but I couldn't connect to the internet through wireless.
A post from otisthegbs here helped me in getting dhclient to get a connection through the wireless card. I reproduce below:

the way SuSE uses its dhcp client is a real bitch. I bet that if you ps -aux grep ifdhcp you notice that you'll have multiple instances of it, and since those daemons are running they constantly screw up the default route. I had the exact same problem as you. What I did was downloaded dhclient, which is part of the dhcp package at ISC, and told those startup daemon to go to hell.Then you can just "sudo dhclient " whenever you need a IP

I had two dhcpd processes running. I killed both and ran dhclient wlan0 and after that I could connect to the internet through wlan0.

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