Tuesday, February 01, 2011

beware of using Lucene NIOFSDirectory from a thread pool

NIOFSDirectory does not handle a Thread.interrupt() well. If interrupted this way during I/O, it is known to throw a ClosedByInterruptException.

I was using a thread pool (using the java.util.concurrent) package and noticed that a termination of the thread pool could result in the ClosedByInterruptException being thrown.

The warning is provided in the new documentation.

You would still be ok if you could wait for the thread pool to finish its tasks. You could use ExecutorService.shutdown() followed by ExecutorService.awaitTermination() and these calls would not cause the concurrent package to interrupt the NIOFSDirectory implementation.

The problem crops up if you have to resort to a ExecutorService.shutdownNow() as that would try canceling the already queued up tasks, which would end up interrupting the NIOFSDirectory code.

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