Saturday, August 12, 2017

A Trie

This is a trie that uses a sentinel node to denote the end of a word. This is more space efficient than having to flag each node as to whether it denotes an end of a word. To quickly find the number of prefix matches, it stores the prefix count in the node.

class Trie {
    char ch;
    int count = 0;
    Map<Character, Trie> list = new HashMap<Character, Trie>();
    public Trie(char ch) { = ch;
    public Trie add(char ch) {
        Trie node = this.list.get(ch);
        if (node == null) {
            Trie newNode = new Trie(ch);
            this.list.put(ch, newNode);
            node = newNode;

        //adding the count to the current node is preferable
        //to adding to the node that matches the character.
        //This way, we won't add to the sentinel node
        //and we add only in one place.
this.count++; return node; } public int size() { return this.count; } private Trie findChar(char ch) { return this.list.get(ch); } public boolean findWord(String word) { Trie node = this; for (char ch: word.toCharArray()) { node = node.findChar(ch); if (node == null) { return false; } }
        //we may have found a prefix, make sure it is a word
        //if it's a word, the list must have the sentinel.
        return node.list.get((char)0) != null;
    public int findPartial(String prefix) {
        Trie node = this;
        for (char ch : prefix.toCharArray()) {
            node = node.list.get(ch);
            if (node == null) {
                return 0;
        return node.size(); 
    public void add(String s) {
        Trie node = this;
        for (char ch : s.toCharArray()) {
            node = node.add(ch);
        //add the sentinel to mark the end of the word.

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